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DMD General Construction, Inc. brings your dream home to reality. Our team specializes in custom home remodels and builds in the Peninsula and South Bay area. We will work with you in ensuring your vision and personality are reflected in your project so that you can be proud to call your house your home. We pride ourselves on superior workmanship, attention to detail, and personalized service for our clients. Our team works on every project as if it were our own and we will work with you every step of the way. We understand your time is valuable, so we have established a strong network of architects, designers, subcontractors, and suppliers that help us ensure your project has quality materials and superior design elements. Mac, the GC, started home and kitchen remodels in 2002 as an independent contractor, but his journey started in Poland where he grew up. Mac has helped his family on the farm since he was 6 yrs. old. Helping and contributing to his family's livelihood is what created his unrelenting work ethic and passion for building. The quality craftsmanship in his work quickly grew his business and propelled him into larger projects. He found another master craftsman, like himself, and in 2010, he partnered with Krystian to establish DMD General Construction. DMD General Construction is unique in that we have a team of skilled craftsman on our staff. This allows us to offer quality and consistency to all our clients. With our full-time skilled craftsmen, the majority of your project is done in-house from framing to finishes. This level of dedication and consistency sets DMD General Construction apart from the rest. Let our work speak for itself and let us turn your dreams into reality. You dream it, we build it.


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How lucky we were to find DMD! We can't thank them enough for the fantastic work that they did for us - and for bailing us out when we most needed help. We started a major remodel with a fly-by-night contractor (now out of business) that duped us and left us with a real mess. Mac, Krystian, and Jan were willing to come in and rescue us from our nightmare. What a relief it was to finally be working with a team that was not only so solidly professional and competent, but such a joy to interact with! Over the course of the following year we came to appreciate the craftsmanship and attention to detail of the team and their subs. The project progressed smoothly and efficiently due to their effective management. Communication was direct, easy and straightforward. It's not just that they are honest people; they are real, down-to-earth, and clearly take pride in doing quality work. With the energy to go the extra mile to make sure things get done right. Months after our project was finished, I called one morning about a minor issue that came up with the plumbing, and Krystian just magically appeared an hour later to fix it! That's the kind of commitment to customer satisfaction that I've witnessed with DMD. We are lucky to have found them, and to be able to enjoy their beautiful handiwork, now and for years to come.Read More

We hired DMD for a remodel of our home in Cupertino. The project involved remodel of the kitchen, laundry room, four bathrooms, flooring, garage, back porch and painting (interior and exterior). Our experience with Krystian, Mac, Jan and the DMD crew was fabulous. They made the whole process truly stress-free and enjoyable (yes, I am claiming that a remodel project was enjoyable!). From providing a detailed quote up front to handholding us through the various stages of the project, they acted like true partners. The things we appreciated are: a) They cared as much about the project and its outcome as we did b) The quality of workmanship and attention to detail was way beyond our wildest dreams c) They were always patient and willing to spend time to answer any questions and go into any level of details d) They would be up front about ROI on certain modifications and would discourage us from low ROI modifications while suggesting real value adds e) The way they handled surprises during the project and ensured that things got set right put us at ease f) It was easy to keep track of where we were towards completion and know when we were a bit ahead or a bit behind because of the detailed timeline they provided. I would not hesitate for a second to hire them again and I would highly recommend you consider them for your project needs.Read More

We hired DMD General to do a remodel of our home (built in 60s) and add about 400 square foot along with several other improvements such as addition of air conditioning, change of the furnace to move to attic, water heater and roof changes. We already had a design from an architect and the permits from the City. Mac gave a detailed quote with a breakdown. Unlike others that we had quotes from, his quote was detailed and demonstrated a good understanding of the project. We had a few bumps , not the least of which was Covid. We also had a few surprises because the house was old. Through all this, Mac and his crew (especially Krystian) managed the project and delivered on time. He accommodated our vacation and delays in delivery of our choices. WHat I especially liked about DMD is that their recommendation was never based on increasing the cost or their profit. Even when we suggested a change that will cost more, they would tell us an alternate choice that will cost less and better. Overall the project came at the projected cost and time. We are very satisfied with the remodelling done by DMD.Read More

We have just completed a farmhouse remodel with DMD construction and we could not be happier. This is the second home remodel we have done with Mac and his team and the fact that we selected them the second time around says a lot about how much we value them. Both projects were substantial remodels, which allowed us see the team in action all the way from demo to finishing touches. Mac and team have always been extremely easy to work with. They were always available either in-person or just a phone call away when we needed to discuss the project. We also appreciated that Mac was personally involved throughout the entire remodel. He knew the details and was ready to jump in and personally got involved in significant portions of the work. We really appreciated that Mac was someone that we could trust. He was always honest and open about what was possible and what wouldn’t make sense. We knew we were getting solid input as we made decisions over the course of the project. The team’s attention to detail is exceptional. They studied our construction plans and interior elevations intently and delivered exactly what we wanted. If ever there was anything that was unclear, they never assumed and hopped on a call to clarify. Both Mac’s team and the subs he worked with were very dependable in terms of showing up and completing the work. We really appreciated that they were extremely consistent at being on site and making progress. The entire team seem to pride themselves on high quality customer service and an exceptional quality deliverable. We would and have recommended them to family and friends. We don’t plan on another remodel any time soon :) but If we did we would hope to have Mac there with us!Read More

Location: Mid Town Palo Alto Job Description: Full new construction, Three levels, 4200 Sq. Ft., including 1500 Sq. Ft basement, This review has been overdue. We’ve now settled into our new home, that DMD constructed, for the last 7 months. We are extremely pleased with every interaction we’ve had with Mac, Jan and Kristin right from contract signing to post-construction support DMD built for us a home that exceeded our wildest expectations, delivered on time in spite of being in the middle of the COVID-19 epidemic and came in almost exactly on budget. Let me start with the people first. With a large construction, it is like being in a relationship with the general contractor and with DMD, it felt like Mac, Jan and Krystian were family. Over time we can to trust them as the most honest, upfront and friendly people we’ve worked with. Mac is the consummate professional, a master of his trade and resourceful beyond belief. Krystian has an eye for detail and is not satisfied with anything but the highest quality of craftsmanship and finish. Jan is a phenomenal planner and advisor for selections and was the engine that kept things just humming along. When we were reviewing bids from contractors, many people, including our architect, warned us that the City of Palo Alto was notoriously difficult to work with. We had heard horror stories about projects stalled because of objections from the City. Mac and team proactively spent many hours at the City Hall planning department understanding and getting clarification on all requirements and nuances. They built trustworthy relationships with the building inspectors as work progressed between multiple phases. Not a single inspection required rework. What we loved from the get go about DMD was the complete transparency into the financials with an online tool named CoConstruct. The budgeted cost for each phase, the material allowance, the budgeted labor and the margin was all crystal clear. So impressive was the uprightness and honesty that Mac displayed that there were times when he even removed line items and reduced overall cost without us even asking. Jan keeping track of every single detail and Krystian focusing on fit and finish were the key to bringing it all together. There were so many places where Jan and Kristin provided valuable design and selection advice. Our home could not possibly have turned out the way it did without this. DMD kept the project on schedule, even through the Covid Pandemic, when many other neighborhood projects stalled. And we never felt rushed for selections even though we took our time. All in all I would rate them 5 Stars on every single dimension. There are so many things that can go wrong with a project of this magnitude and we were blessed to have such an amazing engagement. I would not be surprised to see DMD as a prominent construction company of considerable repute in Palo Alto, Los Altos and Menlo Park over the coming years. Our very best wishes to them.Read More